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This is the official website for the Topton Jeepers Club. We are located in Topton, PA, 19562. We are simply a club for people in (or around) Topton who own Jeeps! We understand what "It's a Jeep thing... you wouldn't understand!" means! It is a great place to meet other Jeep owners, talk about new additions to their Jeeps, places to ride, questions and advice, post pics and videos of their Jeeps, and find locations/times to meet up and go out on the trail! 

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How do I join?

Joining this club is very easy. There are no mod requirements, so no worries stock Jeepers! However we do have a few small requirements to join:

1: You must OWN at least one Jeep. No borrowing a friend's ride to join! We want to see and talk about YOUR  Jeep!

2: You must live in  Topton, or very close. If you live farther away you can still hang out with the crew, however we like to keep the distance close.

3: Applicants must give name, email, address and reasons why they want to join. Fill out the form to the right (-->) and submit to have application evaluated. Don't worry, you won't get anything in the mail, we just need to make sure you live close! 
1: Your Jeep has been driven off road at least once and handled well.

2: Your Jeep has at least 1" lift.

3: Your Jeep has 30" or bigger tires.

4: You have a CB radio installed in your Jeep.

    Application Form for Membership

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